February 4, 2023

Cyprusscene welcomes Graham Brown

By Chris Elliott

Cyprusscene are pleased to welcome Graham Brown as a writer on our pages and he will be sharing some very interesting articles and features from the Esentepe Community in the future.

Graham  began his career in the film and television industry in 1970 with a small film company. Here he was trained as an assistant camGraham Browneraman. He then progressed to being freelance and worked his way up through the ranks from assistant cameraman to focus puller and camera operator and then lighting. He then joined Tyne Tees television as a Lighting Cameraman in 1978 and worked on many documentaries and dramas. In 1990 he changed course again and went back freelancing as a Director of Photography and worked on many commercials and Rock Concerts as well as a brief period teaching lighting and camera techniques at the European Media School.

In 2010, Graham together with his partner Trudy  decided to retire to Cyprus having bought their house in 2005.  After moving to Esentepe they realised that they wanted to do more for the village and the surrounding area so Graham set up a website “Esentepe Community”  (under his own web address www.meteor.org.uk) This has now become his hobby and he finds it very rewarding to promote such a beautiful village and island.

To see the first article published on cyprusscene with video by Graham please click here


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