January 27, 2023

Will Cyprus talk to Turkey

By Chris Elliott

Unlike the news on the printed page which is gone within days, the news on the internet can be searched by the clicking of a key or using the mouse and in fact it has a habit of reappearing through individual sharing on the internet so it remains more topical and informative.

With all of the second guessing as to what theIoannis Kasoulides intentions of the Cyprus authorities will be to talks on a roadmap for settlement talks. Out of the blue pops a reminder in the shape of a BBC video interview with Cyprus Foreign Minister Kasoulides.

Do follow the link below to the BBC programme HARDtalk and see what you can make of the chances of an agreed settlement.

Will there one day be a removal of the embargoes on the Turkish Cypriots that was created by UN Resolution 186 that was passed on 4 March 1964?? All this happened 10 years before the so called Turkish invasion (Peace Intervention) of Cyprus in 1974!

BBC News – Kasoulides: Cyprus-Turkey talks could be in October.

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