June 30, 2022


GAU Faculty of Education and Department of Pre-school Teaching are continuing their communal solidarity by bearing in mind their responsibilities.

GAU Pre-school Teaching students who had succeeded previously in community service projects, chose Osman Türkay (Ozanköy) pre-school for their project of one of the schools which needed refurbishment.

The project of refurbishment of the Osman Türkay Pre-school – which was covered in the pre-school community service year three syllabus, was successful as reported by Lecturer, Aytac Dilek.  Aytac Dilek said that with the support of Lecturer Handan Gençgel, Nihan Koran and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toran, skills were gained as a result of the lessons taken in the department and materialsStudents working on refurbishment have been donated to the Osman Türkay Pre-school (Ozanköy) to provide help to the children’s  development.

GAU pre-school department third year students, who have restored the internal and external design of the school building, have  provided an environment where children can have the ideal education and they have aimed for the children to have a qualified learning environment as well as gaining the vocational skills.

Lecturer Aytac Dilek who has given information about the project; said that communal responsibility and awareness are necessary for the development of teaching skills as well as stressing the ideal learning environment and material design support for the development of children.  Assistant Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toran said that with these projects GAU has had the privilege of showing awareness of communal responsibilities, its completion of the socially needed duties and as a pre-school teaching department they will continue to complete their responsibilities.

Refurbishment takes time and effort

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