Local Contacts

  1. All mobile numbers are prefixed 0533 or 0542 or 0548
  2. When using a mobile phone all other landline numbers are prefixed 0392

Emergencies 155
General Directorate 228 3411; Girne 815 2125; Lefkoşa 228 3311; Gazi Mağusa 366 5310; Güzelyurt; 714 2140 Lapta; 821 8512

Emergencies 199 ; Forest Fires Hotline 177
Girne 815 2111; Lefkoşa 227 1259; Gazi Mağusa 366 5389; Güzelyurt 714 2200

Emergencies 112

Girne 815 2266/815 2254; Lefkoşa 228 5441;
Gazi Mağusa 366 2876/366 5328; Güzelyurt 714 2125

CIVIL DEFENCE ORGANISATION Any disaster/accident! /emergency:
Lefkoşa 228 3036; Girne 815 4985

A group of highly trained volunteers from both the Turkish Cypriot and Expatriate communities that assist the emergency services and work in conjunction with the Civil Defence. To view the CESV website click here

Directory inquiries 192; Report telephone faults 161; Billing information 163

Report electrical faults: 188. Lefkoşa 225 3436; Girne 815 2223; Gazi Mağusa 366 5514; Güzelyurt 714 2122

Report water problems: Lefkoşa 228 3315; Girne 815 2118; Gazi Mağusa 366 4483; Güzelyurt 714 3516

Lefkoşa 228 5221; Gazi Mağusa 366 5332; Güzelyurt 714 2018; Girne 815 2118


American 227 3930/228 0646; Australian 227 7332 (Tues, Thurs, 9am-12.30pm);
British 228 3862/1; German 227 5161

Karakum (Girne)  815 0733 – Mob 0533 830  6886
Website: click here

EMERGENCY PASTORAL CARE Anglican: 815 4329/0533 835 2933; Free Church: Rev Roy Symons 824 4774


ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 0533 833 4717 & 0533 824 1100 AL·ANON
Support group for relatives and friends-of~ alcoholics  0533 824 1100


0542 852 0236/825 2443/0533 845 2305

ABANDONED ANIMALS HOTLINE (Kyrenia Animal Rescue – Kar) 
0533 869 4098

Pegasus (PGS) Hasene Ilgaz Sokak No 11 B, Köşklüçiftlik, Lefkoşa, 228 7311. Ercan 231 4288

Turkish Airlines (THY) and Anadolujet Haydar Aliyev Caddesi No 52, Küçük Kaymaklı, Lefkoşa, 225 5026. Ercan 231 4790

MTS Atlasjet {AJET) Girne Caddesi, Lefkoşa (next to Telsim) 227 9192. Girne (next to roundabout on Girne-Lefkoşa road) 815 6747

Information desk 231 4806
Air Traffic Control 231 4757

For health advice: 0533 884 5621 or email www.trnchealthcare@gmail.com

0392 822 28740533 839 2131;  0542 872 4291



Anglo Turkish Association (ATA)

The Association through it’s interesting and varied Cultural and Social Events taking place both on and off the island, Raise Funds for Local Charities and Support Many Other Local Causes — non members always welcome — please visit their website for details, click here

ATA can also be contacted by email on angloturkishassociation@gmail.com  or by phone on 0533 831 5614.

British Residents Society (BRS)

The British Residents Society is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers, that provides information, support and advice for those owning or renting property in North Cyprus.

Although they provide a service mainly to their members, they try to assist anyone else who asks. Most of their website advice and many of their services are shared with all who live or wish to live in the TRNC regardless of nationality.

All personal information that they receive is kept strictly confidential and shared with no other person or organisation. To visit the website of the British Residents Society please click here

TFR (The Foreign Residents Society)

Meet up with the committee and members at the Sea Point Restaurant in Lapta from 4.oopm every Friday (or at the Panta Restaurant in Catalköy same time every Wednesday) for a drink and a chat and find out about the forthcoming events and activities.

Call Willy 0542 859 29 54 or Horst 0533 845 0923 or Ralph 0533 846 49 13

For details of the Foreign Residents Cemetery arrangements, call 0542 884 42 81 / 0542 872 4291 / 0533 841 6819 / 0533 839 2131

Mums & Toddlers Group
Meet at Girne Rehabilitation Centre (Cheshire Home), Ozanköy every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Call Naomi on 0392 816 0440 for information.

St Andrews Church, Kyrenia. – Weekly events are as follows:
Monday – Choir Practice from 18.00pm.
Wednesday Church Hall from 10.00 am till 12.00 noon. Call in for a chat and refreshments.
Thursday – Ladies Group meet at the hall 10.30 – 12.00 noon. Call 0533 875 3056 for information
Thursday – Bible Study Group at the hall 19.30 – 21.00pm.
There are more events so click St Andrews to learn more
Would you like to hire St Andrews Church Hall? Call 0533 866 3196 for more information.

Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips – Carole King and Sue Tilt will be pleased to receive a donation of your treasured bric-a-brac, books, clothes and household goods for sale at their regular events on behalf of Tulips. If you can help them, please email tulipscarole@yahoo.com.

The North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) seek donations of bric-a-brac, books, clothes and household goods which they will sell through their charity shops to raise funds for the purchase of vital equipment for the Girne State Hospital.

The Hut -Behind the main Girne Post Office    Wed/Sat  9.30am to 12.00am
Call Mehmet 0533 841 8223 
Heartbeat In the old Girne Hospital Building  Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/  9.30.00am to 1.00pm
Call Mehmet 0533 841 8223 
To donate call as above to arrange delivery or collection.

The Royal British Legion Kyrenia Branch
Have a stall at Chateau Lambousa market, Lapta every Saturday between 8.00am. Donations of bric-a-brac, books, clothes and household goods thankfully received. Please contact Mary Hughes on 0533 886 2503 to arrange delivery or collection.

Editors Note :- If there are other important numbers that we have not listed or local Charities, Associations and Groups that would like their detail shown above, please add the detail below for our consideration.

North Cyprus Veterinary Practice

Contact Details

We have received and are publishing a veterinary listing compiled by Stephanie Harrison-Croft for the members of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus Facebook group which may help those other local pet owners whenDog Happy an emergency arises.

If there are additional veterinary practices which have not been listed, please add their details in the contact form below and we will forward this information to Stephanie for the list to be updated.

Please note this is not a list of recommendations, it is purely to give contact details of veterinary practices for the benefit of animal owners or those wishing to help injured strays.

Clinic Name(s) Area Telephone No.
All Pets Veterinary Clinic Girne 0533 869 2998
Hospetal Veterinary Clinic Pertev Girne 0533 863 5818
Pet Life Veterinary Clinic Girne 0392 815 5799
The Veterinary Service Girne 0392 815 8084
Tunc Girne 0548 834 3808
Pet Cross Veterinary Polyclinic Firdez, Sibel & Basak Ozankoy 0542 882 6774 (on call 24/7)
Pet Kingdom Selim Karakum 0533 869 4244
Vetpoint Altay Çatalköy 0548 862 9812
Petline Niazi Çatalköy 0533 870 0222
Petcare Veterinary Clinic Sena Lefkoşa 0533 868 2028
Garfield Fuat Alsancak 0533 863 2939
Veterinary Clinic Burak Alsancak 0533 834 1065
Kibris Vetrinary Clinic Prof. Huriye Horoz Kaya Alsancak 0533 839 9777
Certin  Famagusta 0533 865 8958
 Vet Line  Huseyin  Famagusta 0533 868 7082

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  1. Took a long time to find you but an excellent site. We will be regular followers.
    Can you put CES(V) contacts up under the Civil Defence Details it would be appreciated.
    Hope to see you all in May.

  2. I need help ! My fiance was injured in the coach crash in Gaziantep with the EMU students. Due to her injuries she cannot cook for herself . Are there any electrical retailers in North Cyprus where I can mail order a microwave for delivery to Famagusta ? Your help would really be appreciated.

    • Great question Julie. Please go to the bottom of our home page or that of any article and you will see a number of icons of TRNC Ministry which if clicked hopefully will take you to the information you are looking for.

      We will look at adding the appropriate information to our contact page . Thank you again for your question.

    • Sorry I was not able to come back to you until now Julie. I think you will find all of the contact information you require on this link click which can also be accessed through the Ministery of Tourism icon on our home page.

  3. PLEASE I AM A FOREIGN STUDENT (NIGERIAN) HOW DO I RECOVER MY LOST PASSPORT? And can I get the Magusa/Famagusta Trash disposal contact number pleaseee??

    • If you have lost your passport the first thing you must do is report it to local police who will put you in contact with the immegration police. You will then need to apply for a new passport from your Nigerian local representative which may have an office in Nicosia in South Cyprus

  4. I am out of TRNC at the moment but my son is studying in TRNC, I bought him a laptop and a tablet that are needed for his studies from amazon,and it’s currently being sent to his address in TRNC (Mersin 10,Turkey). However I don’t know about the customs and taxes needed for the imported electronics. Can you please inform me about the system of imported items bought from Amazon?

  5. Hi I am looking for a good Solicter that can help me with problems I am having with getting a Tereke closed, it’s been going on for 9 years,

  6. If I have a place in the north and want to go only twice a year for 90 days do I still need to get residency

    • WE are not sure what you are asking?

      Firstly you can open a bank account and if tax is due on interest paid this is deducted at the source.

      If you are asking about paying tax for example on say rent received on a property that is a separate issue

  7. I arrived in Northern Cyprus on 1 January 2021 and I anticipated that I would be under quarantine conditions for 10 days in the location chosen for me by the relevant authorities.
    I did not expect, however, to be dumped in some smoking den in Nicosia. I cannot breathe, I cannot rest, I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, I cannot exist in this place. Pillows, blankets, curtains, air are permeated with foul stench. I had to clean the surfaces and the remains of someone’s unfinished tea in the kettle. I incidentally did not have any towels in my luggage and have to be rather inventive to avoid touching rather well-used towels left in my room. I will now have to spend good amount of time cleaning and sterilizing every item in my luggage and all my clothes that absorbed the offensive smell of this place.
    You prevent me from being in my clean house in Lefke where I can isolate myself perfectly well and enjoy fresh air and the cleanliness of my own house. You force me into anti-sanitary environment where you fill my lungs with filth and prevent me from satisfying normal basic human need to sleep in a clean bed. What is the rationale behind this, may I ask?
    I have not committed any crimes to be incarcerated in filthy conditions without any access to fresh air or any basics. I do not question your decision to keep people under quarantine conditions. However, I resent this forceful imposition of undignified living conditions.
    Badly done, badly done indeed.
    Olga Campbell-Thomson
    University Lecturer

    • Thank you for your comment but may we suggest you make your complaint direct to the management of the quarantine centre.

      If they can not help you then make your complaint to the TRNC Ministry of Health http://saglik.gov.ct.tr/

  8. Hello there, I’m trying to reach an old friend from the UK living in Lapta but without success for over 2 years now and he’s been mentioned on your website, any e-mail I can use to contact you guys? Thanks in advance

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