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This website was created in late July 2012 with the object of publishing articles and information not only for the people of North Cyprus but also for the rest of the world to see. Since its creation the site has seen a rapid growth in readership throughout the world

The articles are written by volunteers living in North Cyprus and in other countries who have a desire to express their interests in words, photographs, videos and soundtracks.

The website is basically a community portal giving access to a wide range of information regarding activities and topics going on in North Cyprus and also to bring together the many nationalities living here.

Such has been the recognition locally of this site that the founders, Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard, have been interviewed by Can Gazi on the local BRT TV program “A Cup of Conversation” and by Denise Phillips on her radio show, “The Main Event” on Bayrak International.

Chris and Margaret were interviewed by Engin Dervişağa for his BRT Vox Pop programme and one year later Engin returned to talk to us to find out how cyprusscene.com was progressing.

Since then after working on a project with a local newspaper it was decided to introduce our own newspaper but due to difficulties with the company producing it for us, we switched to designing and publishing an online e-newspaper and the first issue was published on 2nd December 2017.   

Chris Elliott is the founder of “cyprusscene.com” which is intended to be an online community review of both local and other news and interesting and entertaining information.

Chris photo 2 3Chris has had the enjoyment and privilege of writing in two North Cyprus newspapers and he places great value on these experiences as they have allowed him to develop his skills of promoting and publishing news and reviews.

With this thought in mind, Chris wanted to see more permanence of news and interesting articles and therefore built this website to share this information to a wider future audience.

The other interesting feature is that a wide selection of pictures can be shown either in album or slideshow mode plus audio tracks which makes for a far more interesting experience than can be had with a newspaper.

With these facts in mind the CyprusScene.com team are committed to continue their quest to make this a first-class North Cyprus community portal where information can be found and also shared.

We thank you, our many readers, and we look forward to your continued support and future visits.

——  //  ——

sheard[1]Margaret Sheard, a Secretary/PA in the UK, retired to live permanently in North Cyprus in 2003.  In the early days she was involved in a small way with a number of local charities.

She had some months experience writing for a local newspaper and is now committed to writing for a wider international readership which can be achieved through “CyprusScene”, as editor and proof-reader, as well as an author and she also designs, with great skill, our weekly online e-newspaper

Margaret likes to take on projects which have some depth and will result in an interesting story and although these are time consuming she also finds time to concentrate on the charity scene and other events and produces a weekly events calendar covering the months ahead for the entertainment and events available in North Cyprus.

—— // ——

Richard Beale is a great happy guy from Bristol in the UK who retired to Northern Cyprus and is loving every minute of it.

Football means so much to Richard and he has been writing many TRNC match reviews including those of his home team Esentepe, and results and future fixtures articles for CyprusScene which are highly read by local readers.

Richard’s style of writing is very entertaining and Margaret as our proof-reader although knowing nothing of football, looks forward to reading Richard’s weekly articles and seeing them published.

—— // ——

Ahmet Abdulaziz was born in Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan on 29th October 1955.  As a schoolboy he was very keen on sport, especially hockey but an unfortunate accident resulted in him having to give up his favourite sport and so he then concentrated more on his school work. His eventual profession was as a Chartered Accountant although he also enjoyed contributing as a columnist to a local newspaper.

In 1972 Ahmet’s father decided to leave Pakistan for good and to settle in Istanbul, Turkey. They went and stayed in Istanbul for 3 months before sadly returning to Pakistan.

Ahmet got married in 1987 and in 1991, at the age of 36, he came to North Cyprus with his wife and 3 year old son and settled here where another son and daughter were born. His hobbies are walking/running marathon distances and he is also an accomplished artist.

Like us, he wanted to have his own newspaper published in Turkish but this did not work out and he is now a major contributor to CyprusScene bringing university news articles and his fascinating review articles. To read more of Ahmet Abdulaziz click here

To make contact with the cyprusscene writers, please fill in the contact box below and include your message.



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    • Thanks Nige its great to have you with us and hopefully there will be other people of the same mind, who want to share and make the best of what we have in North Cyprus

  1. Upon reading the comment below made about my brief personal profile on cyprusscene.com, I wish that people who want to make comments would use information accurately.

    Although only brief, limited information can be misleading and could even be damaging.
    If only people such as he or she who has posted this comment had asked me for more information, I would have gladly given it.

    I wonder why the person’s name and e-mail address is the same one as the webmaster for the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch website. Is this in fact the same person or another.

    If it is the same person using this site to question my background? I will raise the matter with the Headquarters of the Royal British Legion in London and the RBL Kyrenia Branch, asking why is the Kyrenia Branch website making comments about a writer on http://www.cyprusscene.com relating to private matters.

    My understanding is that the Royal British Legion are very careful about and observe the Data Protection Act!

    Emailed comment to cyprusscene from : –

    Name: John Wenborn

    Email: webmaster@rblkyrenia.com

    Comment: I thought Trevor Hughes was a hospital porter before becomming a car salesman?

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