July 2, 2022

Your Restaurant Rendezvous

The following information has been shared for your choice and enjoyment 


BELLAMERIT at the Merit Royal Hotel.

A unique restaurant to embark on an authentic Italian cuisine experience… It is the place where menus are brought to a masterpiece level by top chefs who add a personal touch to each ingredient. Once tried, one will never forget the impression made by the flavors and presentation of the signature dishes. Click here


ROYAL MANDARIN at the Merit Royal Hotel.

Having a unique signature design, Royal Mandarin Chinese Cuisine & Sushi is the right choice for adventure seekers who want to immerse in the spicy aromas and flavors of the Far East. Combining thbest heritage of Chinese, Japanese and Cantonese food cultures, the Restaurant also offers a wide range of Sushi that caters to all tastes. Click here


BLUESEA at the Merit Royal Hotel.

Being located on the seafront, Blue Sea Restaurant serves its guests the freshest mouth-watering seafood prepared using unique cooking methods. This is an ideal place for all gourmets seeking for the most delicious Mediterranean appetizers with natural flavors and a wide variety of scrumptious grilled fish. Click here


A LA TURKA at the Merit Royal Hotel.

A-la Turca Kebab Restaurant is located on a spacious deck extending over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. It offers a wide assortment of kebabs – an indispensable part of the traditional Turkish cuisine in an inviting atmosphere. Reflecting the cultural diversity of the best meat recipes, A-la Turca is also known for its outstanding service quality. The Jet Kebab appearing on the menu as one of the Chef’s signature dishes is worth tasting. Click here



Is a family run restaurant and hotel, with a warm welcoming and friendly atmosphere, specialising in mainly local cuisine dishes for individuals and for parties served in the beautiful garden or restaurant click here


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