August 18, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

Today 14th March 2020 in the Facebook newsfeeds I noticed that Tom Steel had posted the following news on Sue Steel’s Facebook page.

“Hi all, this is Tom. Sue passed away this morning, but prior to that she asked that I notify her FB friends – ergo, the sad news has been passed on”.

This was such sad news but not unexpected as she had terminal cancer which she had been fighting so bravely for a long time.

Sue was a lovely lady and I can remember when I first started to wander round taking photos and writing for a newspaper some years ago I would encounter her also taking photographs for another newspaper.

Time moved on and she became very involved with the Esentepe Fun Run providing press releases and other information and did a great job.

Sue as an ex-service woman was also seen many times laying wreaths on behalf of her regiment at annual Remembrance Day events in the old British Cemetery in Girne.

She even sent us photos and an article which she submitted to a newspaper which was never published and we were delighted to publish this for her about the Esentepe beachside bus/cafe, which sadly has now gone forever click here.

Just prior to Sue moving back to the UK we went to see her when she was holding a sale of some household goods and Margaret bought a few items from Sue, including a lovely table runner which has pride of place in our home and we can both remember Sue by having this prized item.



2 thoughts on “Sue Steel : Rest in Peace.

  1. I feel very sad tonight at the news about Sue. She kindly stepped into the breach when my Roy was too sick to lay a wreath on behalf of the Royal Military Police on Remembrance Day, in Girne, a few years ago. Safe journey, Sue. Happy memories. Xx

  2. Sue is being fondly remembered by her friends from the Royal Military Police and tonight we have raised a glass in her memory.

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