Looking back at “That Esentepe Camper Van”

Following Steven Roberts article click here about the deserted camper van on the seashore at Esentepe, many people through social media where we had shared the article, told us that they could remember it and then we were delighted to be contacted by a  local reader and CyprusScene follower,

Sue Steel, sent us an article she had submitted to a local newspaper some years ago that had not been published which we are sharing below as it tell us more of the vehicle and who had owned it.


A new Esentepe eatery

“By Sue Steel

Looking as colourful as the late Bob Marley’s hat the latest eatery in Esentepe has thrown wide its door and welcomed passing trade.

 Owner, barman, chef, Mehmet Ataşan, 61, of Esentepe opened for business more than two weeks ago and has had a steady stream of passing customers mehmet-atasan-imageand already gained some regulars, including Esentepe Mayor, Erdal Barut who pops in frequently to pass time with this local character.

Mr Ataşan, realising the power of advertising, has painted his van multi-coloured so people stop just to find out what it is. 

Simon, (48) and Joanna (46) Linley on a two-week holiday in Girne from Harrogate, Yorkshire said “We stopped because of the colours and thought it looked like a good place to sit and appreciate the sea. It’s in a superb location and spot on for stopping for a cold drink and to watch the sun go down. 

This is our first trip to North Cyprus but we would definitely come back, about this time of year again as the weather is just right.”

Mr Ataşan serves hot and cold drinks and sandwiches and is open between 9am and 6pm but those timings are fluid, depending on how he feels. “



More and more when we publish CyprusScene articles about local places and its people, we then find more information is forthcoming from our readers which help us preserve those memories of the past and long may this continue.

Our thanks go to Sue Steel and all of the other folk who sent us comments on reading the original article by Steven Roberts and your contributions are most welcome..


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  1. I’m really pleased you kept the article Sue, and its good to see the how van looked when it was in use a few years ago.
    When was your article written?
    Do you know when the cafe closed for business?
    And is Mehmet still living in the area?