December 8, 2022

Cyprus – Online Swedish Magazine

“Norra Cypern Magasinet”

By Chris Elliott

As the readings on grow daily,  it is natural that with our growing worldwide readership of many nationalities, many people take note of our articles and sometimes we are contacted for help or information.

As we believe in sharing community news with as many people as possiblLena Holfvee through a number of community sharing partners web sites and also on social media pages, we are pleased to try and help our friends and followers where we can.

Following a request from Lena Holfve, it is with great pleasure that we can tell our readers that there is now a Swedish online magazine “Norra Cypern” that gives many informative articles about Cyprus.

For those Swedish readers or others, who would like to visit this site please click here. It would seem the web page can be translated into 4 Scandinavian languages as well as English through Google and it seems to work OK and is similar to the method used to translate here on



9 thoughts on “Cyprus – Online Swedish Magazine – Norra Cypern Magasinet

  1. Such a shame it does not have the facility button to press to read in English. Would be nice to share all news.

    1. Hello Bill, translation is available although the site does not make that clear. First you should click on the UK flag button (there are 5 flags) and the at the top of the screen a Google prompt will appear asking for confirmation to translate to English and you click YES.

  2. Tried to click on today but cannot read in English.
    Searched for English enable button ?
    Cannot find it please help

  3. Thanks for getting back to me however still cannot access in English. Just tried today 8.20 am.

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