December 6, 2022

North Cyprus Dog Microchipping

 31st January update

By Chris Elliott

As our local readers will recall, we have written two articles about the legal requirMicro chip is insertedement to have our dogs micro chipped and registered with the TRNC Veterinary Department. The previous articles can be viewed by clicking here and clicking here.

So last Friday I returned to my local private vet, PetCross of Doğanköy to have my dog updated with some injections and also to have the micro chip fitted which was done with very little fuss or discomfort for my dog.

Having fitted the chip it was scanned to ensure it worked and then the vet completed a TRNC registration form and it should be noted by readers, that when taking their dogs for the fitting of the chip, they should produce either their Passport or Kimlik card as the dog is registered to them rather like registering a car. You are the keeper and have a responsibility for your dog.

The vet told me the rThe micro  chip is workingegistration document will now be sent to the main Veterinary Department in Lefkosa which is processing registrations and then the individual Dog Identity cards will be returned to the Vet in around 4 weeks. So my next task is to contact my Vet in around 4 weeks time to collect the card and take this to my local Belediyesi to have my dog registered with them and collect an identity disc for her to wear on her collaIt was so easy!r.

As we  mentioned in our previous article the law requires all dogs to be micro chipped and registered by the 1st July 2014.

Whilst out and about last Friday I called at another two veterinary clinics – Pets Hospital of Girne and Kibris Veteriner Klingi in Yeşiltepe and established that between the three vets I had visited, a total of 77 dogs had been chipped in the first week in response to the Government’s requirement.

It would be interesting to know how many private Vets there are in North Cyprus and how many dogs they chipped in total in this first week.




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