TRNC News Today 14th may 2013

TRNC News Today 14th May 2013



A delegation from the Turkish Retired Sergeants Association, Gaziemir İzmir Provincial Presidency visited the TRNC President Dervis Eroğlu.

After giving information to the delegation regarding the Cyprus issue, President Eroğlu sDervis Erogluaid that the Turkish Cypriot side demands that the negotiations should start as soon as possible but the Greek Cypriot side delays the negotiations until September-October. Eroğlu also stressed that he will meet the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis on 29 May and if they will be able to determine a road map, even this will be an achievement.

Moreover, Eroğlu expressed that it is very important not to forget the past, however not to stick to the past and to offer better days to our people.

Stressing that TRNC is a State although it is only recognized by Turkey, Eroğlu said that there are some parties who do not accept the existence of the Turkish Cypriots and they are trying to reach a solution with those parties at the negotiation table.

Eroğlu said: “the negotiations have been continuing for 45 years but we have not reached a solution yet. I hope we reach a solution in the following period in which Turkey is very powerful”.


Prime Minister Irsen Küçük came together with the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in charge of European and Eurasian Affairs, Eric Rubin, at a dinner in Washington.

The latest stage regarding the Cyprus issue was touched upon in the meeting.

Prime Minister Irsen Küçük gave a message to Eric Rubin that the Cyprus negotiations should start without any delay. During the meeting Irsen Küçükthe Prime Minister also expressed the Turkish Cypriots’ determination with regard to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Pointing out that 2013 was the convenient time for the solution Prime Minister Küçük demanded the motivation of the Greek Cypriots towards a solution.

The Prime Minister also made an interview with the Voice of America before the meeting.

Answering the questions of the Voice of America, the Director of Turkish Department Hulya Polat, the Prime Minister made statements related to the future of the Cyprus negotiations, the recent contacts of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus, Alexander Downer, the effect of the economic crisis in  South Cyprus on the start of the negotiations and the projects of water and electricity that will be transferred from Turkey to the TRNC.

After meeting with Eric Rubin, the Prime Minister met with Robert Wexler, the President of ‘Middle East Peace Center’ which is one of the important think tanks.

The Prime Minister talked about the Turkish side’s opinions and expectations regarding the Cyprus problem in the meeting.

Pointing out that the continuation of the Cyprus problem harmed the regional and global relations and co-operations, Küçük stated that it was time for the solution of the Cyprus problem in any way.


Mutlu Atasayan the National Education, Youth and Sports Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus met with the Deputy Chairman of the Europe Snooker Federation David Morris yesterday.

According to the statement from the TRNC National Education, Youth and Sports Mutlu Atasayan‏Ministry, Minister Atasayan pointed out in the meeting that the decision of the Europe Snooker Federation to realize the Europe Snooker Championship 2014 in the TRNC was very important as the young Turkish Cypriots have been suffering from the unjust embargoes for many years.

David Morris also made a speech and declared that the TRNC Snooker Federation is a natural member of the Europe Snooker Federation and added that they decided to arrange the Euro Tour Championship in October 2013 and the Europe Senior Snooker Championship in   June 2014, in the TRNC.


The President of Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Co-ordination Council (YÖDAK) Hasan Ali Bıçak who has visited Saudi Arabia upon the invitation of Saudi Arabia National Evaluation and Accreditation Council (NCAAA) audited the Faculty of Management of King Saud University.

Last year, Bıçak also audited the management master program of Bahrain State University and the management master program of MalaHasan Ali Bıçakysia University Open Education Faculty in Bahrain upon the invitation of Bahrain Quality Assurance Council. Bıçak also audited the management programs of Globus and Pejter Budi Universities upon the invitation of Kosovo National Quality Assurance Agency, and Faculty of Management of Koç University upon the invitation of the European Management Education Development Foundation in 2009.

Bıçak stated that the above mentioned invitations are very important for observing closely the implementations of National Quality Assurance Councils and the universities in other countries for improving their education qualities, and added that such duties given to him makes the TRNC universities more reliable and known and creates trust in the education given by the TRNC universities.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office






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