January 27, 2023

The Pumas Trained to Win

By Chris Elliott

Life can be a hard and bruising experience and no more so than in sport where an individual alone or as part of a team, strives to achieve perfection and success. Very often it does not happen and it’s a tribute to the individual who tries and tries again to reach their goal.

I have had the pleasure on a number of occasions to go along to watch the Pumas Rugby Football Club play in Alsancak and althoughNice to meet you I do not know the players as individuals I think I can understand the frustrations and joy they experience through my earlier years’ experiences in martial art training.

It’s all about wiping the slate clean, reflect on what was and then move forward with confidence and determination to achieve what sometimes seems to be the impossible.

So it was recently when I went to see the Pumas play the Northampton Casuals RFC when the Pumas tried and tried again but were outmatched. In rugby either a team wins or loses and it’s what goes on from the start to the finish that determines the outcome.

The challenge has been thrown down again to the Pumas to meet their old foes, the Unique Nomads on Saturday the 18th May at 4.30pm in Alsancak to establish who will be the winning side.  Like true warriors the Pumas will have learned many lessons from their  recent defeat and if they are true to their game, they will come to this new match ready to prove their worth.

Do please come along to support them and hopefully share in the celebration of the success they so richly deserve and for a taster of what you may see and experience, please see the video below.


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