June 25, 2022

ICE – In Case of Emergency

We were pleased to receive a copy of an articile that was written by 9 year old Charlie Derby with help from her Grandad, Keith Lloyd and subsiquently published in a local newspaper.

We published an article recently about the ICE scheme which is so important and in case you are not aware of it and what it is all about, do please read Charlies message as it may prove to be a life saver to you, your friends and your family.

Charlie’s Kids Corner

“Do you remember last week when I told you about my School’s Festival held at the Kyrenia Soccer Stadium when one of my pals fainted.  It was a little scary at the time, but the 112 Ambulance people attended to her and she made a full recovery.”

“Well, I have heard of a reeeeeallly good system of communication here in North Cyprus for when you might be involved in an accident, or if you Charlies pictureor someone close to you falls ill.  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, then follow these basic steps to try to ensure that the Emergency Ambulance Service 112 can apply the right treatment and tell your Mum or Dad what’s happened.

First, enter the word ICE in the Contacts List on your Mobile Telephone.  Then enter your Mum’s Telephone Number.

Next enter the word ICE 2 in the contacts list and enter your Dad’s number.  Why?

Well, for example if you fall ill or something like that and you’re not at home, and the Emergency Services are called, then the Paramedics (posh name for Ambulance people) will try to find your mobile.  They are trained to open your contacts list and look for ICE – In Case of Emergency =  ICE, I think it’s called an acronym, but clever eh!

What this allows them to do is to phone your mum or dad, or both, to let them know what’s going on, where you are, what they should do and then, crucially, find out if you are taking any pills or potions for conditions like diabetes, or any allergies; so, that when Ice on Phonethey treat you, they don’t give you any medications that might conflict with what you’re already taking and thus, cause more unnecessary trouble.  

Now, I think that all makes sense.  So do it today, put ICE in your contacts list, I have, just in case.  My Mum says that you can have as many ICE numbers in your phone as you want.  She said something about Next of Kin – I think that means any of your family or relations.  Well, the more the better, I’d say, just to make sure the 112 people can get hold of somebody close to you in an emergency; to tell them what’s going on and seek medical information about you.

Keep well and in the shade; and remember ICE in case of an Emergency and Dial 112 if you need an Ambulance.

Heepsa love.

Charlie. XX”

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