September 23, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

A new theatre group…STAGE 19, who are they? The beginning was the Theatre Club at the 19 May Turkish Maarif College in Girne, Pinar Inandim, the director of the play told me, with workshops and performances, primarily to make students comprehend the subtleties of body language together with verbal expression and with the training also automatically having a positive influence in their daily lives.

They work in three groups: middle school, high school and adult groups. STAGE 19 was founded by Ziya Tüzel, the principal of the College, the literature teachers Fatoş Avcısoyu Ruso, Çiğdem Kutlu Güney and theatre artist Pinar Inandim. The Theatre Club was established last year and has prepared three plays this year. After the plays Modern Wedding and Blaise, which were staged in May, they developed the current play ‘An Ordinary Story’, a play written by the contemporary Ukrainian writer Mariya Lado. It is a product of cooperation with Çatalköy-Esentepe Municipality under the leadership of its Mayor Ceyhun Kırok, and their contributions to art and the young artists of the country, are very appreciated.

The story we got to see is an ordinary story of ordinary people but as we know, truth is often hidden in the most simple things and with the most simple people and often one individual can change more than a whole army of important people. In the play, the playwright gives voice to the animals on a farm which take vivid part in household and farm matters. With simple words and acts of humanity, love and understanding, the exploitation of animals and the loss of values are being discussed. Hate and Death become Love and Life. “Remember, you can’t see things when you ignore them!”

The very talented and motivated actors had great fun and the farm animals were beautifully impersonated, the dark and quiet horse, the charming pink pig, the black and white cow and the small cheeky dog with its black nose, and not to forget the two elegant turkeys. Also, the stage setting was well done, simple and effective.

A simple play going to the heart. The world does need to believe in miracles.

Congratulations to the young theatre group STAGE 19, it is hoped that they continue with the same enthusiasm and success in the future.

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