September 22, 2023

1st Dunne N Dusted

Readers mail ….
Susie L Ford …. Quiz Mistress ….

Hello readers,

We had another successful night for Susie’s Big Music Quiz , which is held monthly at the Diiva Restaurant, Esentepe on Mondays and this one was on Monday 29th May 2023 when our quizzer friends joined us again for a great evening of fun and laughter..

The rounds were Tabletop, TV, Names, Adverts, 1970s, Eurovision and The big 20.     

The results were:

  • 1st            Dunne N Dusted
  • 2nd           Here’s Johnny
  • 3rd            Shebells
  • 4th            Shgoats
  • And the Famous Lemon went to Clueless Lemons! 

Thank you to Ali and his team at Diiva for the great food and we loved our takeaway which was delicious. 

Thank you also to Graham Loftus for all your continued help and support at the quizzes and not forgetting you music quiz lovers for joining us 

Please watch out on my Facebook page for news of the next Big Music Quiz which will be sometime in June. 

Susie Q Xxxx




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