May 31, 2023

Ipek Denizli Art Studio – Celebrating its 1st anniversary with art, poetry and music

By Heidi Trautmann….

On a summer evening in Lapta, in the hidden garden of the Studio, Ipek Denizli had invited friends to come and celebrate with her the studio’s first anniversary.

We had come early and as always, I enjoyed watching the preparations; on all four sides of the garden, chairs were being placed to form a circle, and in the centre the table where Ayşe Tural, TV presenter and author would sign her book ‘Haydi Gülümse’ (Come on, Smile) and next to it, setting up their equipment, were the musicians Selçuk Manecioğlu and Togay Özyay & Bilge Özaydan, members of KIBHAD (Cyprus Songs Association). Electronic piano keyboard, violin and flute.

The evening was opened with a concert of Cyprus’ famous songs, for example, ‘Kibrisim’ and ‘Al Yemeni’ and many more, so beautiful. Later I bought the association’s newest CD No. 5 together with a book with the history and notes of the songs, very interesting, and here is the link to their Facebook page

While I am writing this text, I am listening to their songs on the CD again.

The sun had disappeared behind the trees and the garden was plunged into a romantic diffuse light with some lanterns hanging in the trees creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Ipek Denizli welcomed us with the story of her art studio which one year ago she had opened to the arts, to lead workshops with friends and members, and to invite the public to visit; she has included all disciplines of art, visual arts, music, literature, theatre and she has kept it on an international level, inviting artist friends she has met in other countries to come and work with them. This last year has been very busy with events in her studio and events in public such as the Book Days in Girne and Art Days in Famagusta and Nicosia. She is a power woman.

Finally, Ayşe Tural, lets us have a glimpse into her life, her work, and her new book. The title ‘Haydi Gülümse’ fully reflects her character, positive and cheerful, romantic and thoughtful. She is a retired Turkish teacher, one can tell, her pronunciation is clear and articulate, especially, when she recited some of her short stories and poems. Poems of the wonders of nature, being touched by the first sun rays in the morning; meeting the scents of spring melting away fears and sorrows; poems about a love that sets her hair and skin on fire; and poems addressed to a child about life…….to read the poems please click here.

Love and Peace are in close connection with nature, and that is what we all want.

Thank you for this beautiful evening

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