March 28, 2023

Eating and Drinking Places, Food Production and Sales in Girne, and Businesses that are directly related to Public Health are constantly Inspected.

Between 21st February and 18th March 2022, a total of 172 businesses were inspected for general hygiene and food safety measures by the Girne Municipality Health Branch teams.

In the inspections made to protect public health and eliminate possible risks, a total of 172 businesses were checked on the basis of basic hygiene criteria, written warnings were given regarding the non conformities detected during the inspections, and legal actions were taken against some businesses.

A total of 6248 TL fines were imposed on 4 restaurant businesses and 2 grocery businesses, which were found to be serving in conditions that risk food safety. The activities of a hostel-student dormitory, a workshop, and a cafe, where legal obligations and hygiene conditions were insufficient, were suspended and sealed.

Within the scope of hygiene controls, which are carried out continuously and with an independent vision, based on legal legislation and scientific data and in order to protect public health, Girne Municipality, inspected 71 businesses with deficiencies which were warned in writing; 11 enterprises were also given notice of closure if they did not make up for their deficiencies. While various food products were confiscated for destruction from two different supermarkets whose sales conditions were not suitable, some unhygienic equipment of a bakery enterprise was also seized for destruction.

Mayor of Girne Municipality Nidai Güngördü said: Public Health is one of our Top Priority Issues and as the Municipality of Girne, I would like to underline that our primary goal is to protect public health, while official controls continue without interruption.

It is an essential need of our people living in the city or coming to visit us that businesses that operate cleanly in accordance with the rules protect not only their own commercial values, but also social values. I would like to thank all the operators who have maintained their sensitivity at this point;.

I wish good luck to the concerned entrepreneurs in these days when we are on the verge of the tourism season and the entertainment season.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

2 thoughts on “February and March Hygiene Inspections in Girne

  1. Is there in place a rating system that the public can see at the establishments? I notice that the article does not list the names of the establishments that were fined for not practicing safe handling of foods, shouldn’t we know where it’s unsafe to eat / shop?

    1. Hello Beth

      The information you are seeking will be held by the Girne Municipality and in terms of naming companies in the past they did but in this latest information from the municipality they are not

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