March 28, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

On World Cancer Day it is right we should remember those ones we loved, and for me it is remembering my wife Joyce who was taken from me after 3 years living with her in Northern Cyprus and now I am doing what I can to help my partner, Margaret Sheard, who is also fighting cancer.

It is right also that we remember other fighters like Tanyel whose mother and father have taken up the challenge and are doing what they can to support the fight against cancer in Northern Cyprus from their home in the UK as was explained click here and this was their message of remembrance of Tanyel on World Cancer Day:

“4th February is World Cancer Day, an international day to raise awareness and understanding of all types of cancer, including childhood cancer.

 We remember the fighters, the ones who fought and ones no longer with us.

 Today we reflect on a very special young lady which had so much love for life but left us so soon who continues to inspire us all.

 Tanyel the love and energy you left behind will forever continue for as long as your mum and dad is breathing.

 We miss you so very much princess…sleep tight until we meet again”

 Source:  Tanyels Smile Facebook for more information.



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