March 27, 2023

By Chris Elliott…..

During November of 2021 we published two articles as shown under about a simple ceremony of flying the TRNC Flag at the Waltham Forest Town Hall in the UK with authority to do so, which was then subjected to deplorable racist action and removal of the flag under the direction of the Labour Council Leader Cllr Grace Williams after she received complaints from anti-Turkish racists and worse still, it is said, from the Greek Cypriot High Commission in London to ensure the TRNC gains no recognition and that it seems, the years old world embargoes on Turkish Cypriots and others living in the TRNC are maintained and strengthened.

The TRNC Flag flying at Waltham Forest Town Hall was taken down  

UK Labour, Council Leader, condemned for racism against the TRNC

News has been received as under that the Turkish Cypriots are again pressing the Waltham Forest Council to remove their racial discrimination activities against Turkish Cypriots.

Readers Mail ….
From Arkin Oksuzoglu  …

“Here is why we are protesting again on the 3rd March 2022

1) Grace Williams has still not apologised for the offence caused to the Turkish Cypriot people

2) The racist statement against Turkish Cypriots on the Waltham Forest Council website has still not been removed

3) A transparent investigation into the events before and after the flag raising on November 15th 2021 has still not been carried out / The report produced by the council incorrectly absolved her of any wrongdoing

4) Grace Williams and her staff have still not undergone anti-racism training, specifically anti-Turkish racism, in order to prevent such behaviour from being repeated

The last protest was a massive success! This time it will be much bigger and better! We refuse Waltham Forest Council to continue discriminating against Turkish Cypriots.

The 3rd March is a monthly meeting for Grace Williams and her staff, meaning they will be present in the building whilst we protest. We must and we will make our voices heard!
We have also raised a petition calling for the Resignation of Cllr Grace Williams, of Waltham Forest Council, for Racism.”

Editors Note:  For more information and updates, please visit the Facebook page Turkish Cypriots Exist


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