March 27, 2023

Smoke, Flames, Fire – Call the Fire Brigade – NO WAIT, it’s only a Turkish Cypriot village barbecue

At the last week of the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) cookery course, week four taught people how to prepare and cook traditional Turkish Cypriot village food on a barbecue.Şeftali, Köfte Kebap, Köfte ve Nohut, sauces and side dishes such as, Humuz, Patates ve Pancar Salatası, Kisri, Badadez Salata.

Tutor, Unal Karaca said, “A barbecue to expats is a burger in a bun but there is a vast array of exciting and easy to cook barbecue foods as any Turkish Cypriot knows. Hopefully today’s lesson has shown to everyone it is just as easy to prepare and cook Turkish Cypriot village food on a barbecue as it is to do a burger or sausage”.

Association member Jenny Armstrong echoed Unal’s comments when she said, “Today’s lesson was brilliantly simple and easy to follow, although the thought of handling an animal’s stomach membrane to make the Şeftali was off putting at first but the end result tasted wonderful”.

Talk around the dining table whilst eating their barbecue meal was centered on how good this cookery course by the ATA had been, and could another be arranged.

ATA Chairman, Philip Lloyd thanked course tutors Vicki and Unal Karaca for all the hard work they have put in over the last four weeks to ensure the ATA Cookery Course was a success and congratulated them on turning a group of amateur wannabees into a well-oiled cooking machine ready to demonstrate their new-found skills to family and friends. He further said, “This course was a good example of the friendliness of ATA’s members, because four weeks ago members and guests who didn’t know each other came together to learn something, and whilst learning about Turkish Cypriot village food have had a fun educational experience and made new friends that will last a lifetime!”.

With talk by everyone of having a reunion next year, as a memento of the course everyone was presented with a certificate of proficiency in being able to cook a typical Turkish Cypriot village meal. 

For information on this ATA event visit the 2021 Events Page of the ATA website: –    

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