March 26, 2023

Members and guests of the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) held a wine & cheese tasting event at Cheese and Bake Delicatessen in Ҫatalköy during which they learnt how to pair different wines with different cheeses, cured meats and fruits.

Association member, Adriana De Grout, commented that this was the first time she had ever attended an ATA activity and that she was impressed by the organisation of the event and what they had learnt, she said: “l was made to feel completely at home by the friendliness of the other ATA members, l shall definitely be attending future ATA activities”.

Guest, Norman Russell said, ”a very informative presentation of fine Turkish and Turkish Cypriot wines with tasty cheeses and cured meats, all taking place with very welcoming and friendly ATA members”.

Chairman, Philip Lloyd thanked Ahmet Dural for hosting the event and said “l know the amount of hard work, time and effort Ahmet and all the staff at Cheese and Bake have put into ensuring today’s event would be a success. Their choices of wine, cheeses and meats were only matched by the skilful advice Tansel Şimşek gave us as to which went with which. I am sure everyone today has been deeply impressed by Tansel’s passion for quality food and wine”.

For information on this ATA event visit the 2021 Events Page of the ATA website: –    

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