April 1, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Lately, I was reading some news stories about those adventurers who sailed around the world. In different periods of time, there are many people who have crossed all the oceans of the world. What makes it more important and fascinating for me is that they did it single-handedly.

Being alone in a boat, size doesn’t matter, for a period running over months, with water all around, is something that not everyone can bear easily.  Even just thinking about that makes me shudder. That’s really interesting, but at the same time, I find inside myself a desire to go after such an adventure.

I wonder what all those who accomplished such an exceptional feat had been through. Of course, they all did it with the help of some sponsor, but even then, such an adventure can never be declared free of all risks. There indeed are enormous risks involved, which all of these brave men and women went through.

However, returning back to the realities of life, I accept that there stands no chance for me to have such an adventure. The first reason is that I do not even know how to swim. Honestly speaking I have never been too serious about going to learn to swim. Whenever I go to the beach with the family, I do not go far into the sea. I just play in the water. I act like I am swimming, but in fact, I do not, because I cannot.  My children can swim and they are quite good at it, and they repeatedly offer their help to teach me to learn to swim.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Many people say swimming is not very difficult. The most difficult thing with swimming however is the first step. But unfortunately, it is this first step that I have not been able to take.

Returning back to the original topic, there are many people who were not adventurers. They never went for a sponsored expedition. But it is their fate that on one fine day they found themselves in a boat, all alone, in the middle of the sea. Yes, they were the people who passed through that ordeal, after either their vessel was waterlogged or became unusable. I read about the stories, where many of them had to pass through long painful days drifting here and there, all alone, for days.

Yes, they were the people who really experienced the saying ‘water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’.

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