January 30, 2023

Further to our recent postings about the activities of ÇADER. we noted that Martin Marancos shared the following news of a new event they organised.

“Today’s clean up (6th December 2020) of Cornaro Beach, to mark World Soil Day, was organised by ÇADER.  47 bags of rubbish were collected by 32 volunteers. 3 bags contained aluminium cans and one was of sorted plastics, for recycling.

We would like to thank all who attended but especially :

Yusuf Tekinay, whose TEKMED company donated several boxes of gloves,

Ergün Oza, of OZA Coffee, who donated coffee sacks for rubbish collection,

and the Evkaf volunteers from Alsancak for their support”

To read more of ÇADER click here

1 thought on “ÇADER  volunteers clean up Cornaro Beach

  1. I hope that everyone in the TRNC realises that a clean country brings in happy tourists and at the moment you all need them especially the businesses. So before they can come again clean up the areas where you live as most of the areas are disgusting and many tourists will never return.

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