December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

It seems like many months now that I have been communicating with Ismet Medi about the setting up of his project, the Medi Foundation and we had planned to meet in early March but coronavirus arrived and we have been kept apart just sharing news and thoughts until 25th June when I went along to Ezic Restaurant, Lefkosa to finally meet Ismet and be on hand for the launching of the Medi Foundation.

Before I write about Medi Foundation I think it is right for Ismet Medi to express his own suffering and how he decided to start his foundation to help others and this is what he had to say:

I am Turkish Cypriot born in London, my parents were both born in a small Cypriot village in the Karpaz, which I am proud to say is called Kaleburnu.

Ismet Medi

I cared for my beloved mother for 4 years who was suffering from Alzheimer’s a beautiful lady who I loved very much and I lost my mother last year.

But I also must tell you that I was also an alcoholic for almost 4 years and now I am alcohol free for 33 months after medical treatments and I am in recovery process doing the treatment that is composed of individual psychotherapy, the 12 steps with a sponsor, group support and keep up to my life meaning and the joy of healing. I know this process of recovery I will do for the rest of my life.

After stopping drinking my mind was getting better and so was my body, I was feeling good and positive I wanted to reach out and help people in any way I could to help others do what I had managed to do. 

I wanted to help others but did not know where to start or what to do, I felt like I wanted to just shout out and ask if anyone wants help. But I didn’t know where and how to start.

After many conversations and meetings, I start seeing the light and feeling the support when finally meeting like-minded people with the same vision, I am happy to say that the Medi Foundation was finally formed officially in February 2020.

Our aim is to help people of all ages with recovery from addictions of all kinds, for example Alcohol, gambling, technology, food, smoking, drugs.

The Medi Foundation now has on its board as members a great professional team full of energy, with an International Organisational Consultant, Viola Edward and also the President of the Prime Minister’s Anti-Drugs Commission, Mr. Hasan Karaokcu, who said the following”

“We have been calling all individuals and all segments of the society to shoulder the struggle since the day we took office, and that the Medi Foundation established under the leadership of Ismet Koldas Medi is a very strong non-governmental organization with its vision and mission.”

Emphasising that the work being carried out by them with the high-value consultancy of world-renowned Viola Edward, which will give great power to the Medi Foundation, Karaokçu expressed his belief that as the Commission they will give the necessary support to the Medi Foundation and that they will make very good collaborations in the fight against all forms of addictions.

Ismet Medi the Founder and President of the Medi Foundation also said “We know help is needed out there for our kids, families and everybody and we are going to do our utmost to help people to recover and to prevent others from addictions.”

Viola Edward the Consultant to the Medi Foundation said:

“I was delighted to witness the launch of the Medi Foundation, as it works to ignite a new meaning in the lives of all those in recovery and their families, opening new opportunities for them to live a dignified, respectful and successful life. It is my honor to have witnessed its growth from the idea stage to launch in my capacity as a senior advisor.”

“I am also pleased to see such a unique foundation come to life in Cyprus to offer much needed, integrated interventions and treatments that will address addiction and its associated disorders in an effective way. I am certain that the work on prevention that the Medi Foundation is planning will play a significant role in reducing the number of people who fall into addiction here in Cyprus and around the world. It is humbling to know that this is the start of a wonderful journey and to be able to support an organization that will certainly touch the lives of many.”

The Medi Foundation values are as follows and CyprusScene look forward to be able to give them further support and promotion of their activities in the months ahead..


  1. We model Excellence, and ensure Integrity, Dignity & Respect for all
  2. Together is better. We are Caring & Collaborative together and with others
  3. We act with Commitment & Responsibility
  4. We value Unity, Diversity & Inclusion.
  5. We uphold the principles of Sustainability, Peace & Justice.

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