September 22, 2023

Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, received Hasan Karaokçu, President of the Prime Ministry Drug Enforcement Commission, and the accompanying delegation.

In the information given from Girne Municipality; The Commission, which made some visits within the framework of the week of the fight against drugs, made the first of these to the Municipality of Girne and exchanged information with the Municipality regarding the scientific research and studies, while providing information on the dimensions of the drug problem, the works and objectives of the commission.

The work carried out so far by the Commission and the work that can be done in coordination with Girne Municipality with forward-looking goals was discussed, and during the visit the decision was taken to carry out a series of studies with Girne Municipality Advisory and Support Center in the near future.

Hasan Karaokçu, in his speech during the visit, noted that they had a break from a number of activities due to the pandemic period, and that they were ready for the training and awareness studies with the Municipality in the following period, and expressed their satisfaction and continued cooperation. Karaokçu stated that they had always appreciated the support in the work of Girne Municipality and Mayor Güngördü, and pointed out the importance of cooperation with local governments.

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü stated that the establishment of the Commission emphasised the seriousness in the struggle and awareness-raising efforts on drugs and addictions, and wished Karaokcu and his team continued success. Güngördü said that they are always ready to work together on this issue, in addition to the common projects they have done in the past. Reminding that they put the Consultation and Support Center of Girne Municipality into service two years ago, Güngördü noted that a protocol was signed with the Commission and this strengthened their cooperation.

Following this, Güngördü mentioned that the Directorate of Social Affairs was established for the first time in Girne Municipality after 45 years and stated that they aimed to be more embracing to children, young, old, disabled, and disadvantaged groups in the city and they started a study to identify the homeless living in the city. Pointing out that they encountered a lot of data about disadvantaged groups in the city during the epidemic, Güngördü pointed out that the importance of Social Affairs emerged even more in this period. Expressing that during this period, children and young people have had a lot of free time due to disruptions in the education field and that this may pose a danger in some cases, Güngördü said that they can carry out various activities in this process in cooperation with the Commission.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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