August 18, 2022

Due to the epidemic in the world this year,  the short story competition organised under the theme of “Stay at Home – we will succeed hand in hand” was evaluated in three categories :  (9-10-11 age group), (12-13-14 age group), (15-16-17 age group).

Category I (9- 10-11 age group) 1st – Zeyneb Beyza Demiryılmaz, 2nd – Zehra Bilge Bayram, 3rd – Asel Zeren Yakışır;  Category 2 (12-13-14 age group) 1st  – Adnan Yiğit Alkan, 2nd – Hamza Ensar Ünal, 3rd – Deniz Korhan;
Category 3 (15-16-17 age group) 1st  – Duygu Hatipoğlu, 2nd – Şafak Dila Palabıyık, 3rd – Nagehan Usta;

The winners won 1000 TL, the second won 500 TL and the third won 300 TL.

The Evaluation Board included Ceyhan Özyıldız (Writer, Photographer), Ejdan Sadrazam (Writer, Director of National Archive and Research Department), Ahmet Yıkık (Critic, Translator), Av. Gürkan Uluçhan (Writer, Poet) and Misli Kadıoğlu (Girne Municipality Social Affairs Supervisor),

In the statement made, it was stated that the award ceremony will not be held this year due to the epidemic, and a Story Writing Workshop will be organised with the participation of the jury members to all students who participated in the competition from our country in the coming period.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality


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