Tatar: “Racist, fascist actions cannot be accepted”

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar condemned the action of hanging a Byzantine flag on a Mosque in Tuzla village, Larnaca and made a call to the Greek Cypriot Administration to stop the anti-Islamic actions.
In his statement, Prime Minister Tatar stated “The second action in South Cyprus in the last week should not be disregarded. Following the first action in Limassol to the Köprülü mosque on which anti-Islamic slogans were written, I strongly condemn the second action to Tuzla Mosque in Larnaca. I make a call to the Greek Cypriot Administration to put forth an attitude which will stop anti-Islamic actions. The necessary measures must be taken as soon as possible to arrest the criminals. Racist, fascist actions and tolerance for those who carry out actions cannot be accepted. Therefore, I make a call to the Greek Cypriot Administration to take into consideration our warnings and take the necessary action”.

Source; TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. The TRNC PR machine (if there is one) has to bring these facist, islamaphobic attacks to the worlds attention. Add to that the EU and the UN.

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