March 21, 2023

Readers mail….
From Kerry Bowler…

When lockdown first started, I was baking cakes, bread, biscuits, pies, enjoying finding my love for baking again, as I had plenty of time! By week 3, I thought I had better start eating healthy, and try something new! Don’t get me wrong, A little of what you fancy does you good, I love a rosé wine and crisps! Now is certainly not the time for restriction, you crave more what you ban from your diet! The key is balance, think 80/20! Hope these tips help!

So what exactly does a healthy diet comprise of, and how can you ensure you are eating well when stuck inside your home all the time? Food can boost the immune system during a lockdown, a healthy diet can help fight off infections.

Eat Colour –

Eat your 5 a day. Tinned and frozen count, they contain more nutrients such as vitamin C than their fresh varieties!

Variety and Balance –

You don’t need to eat a special diet, as all foods provide some goodness, 3 of the nutrients that help to support your immune system include vitamin A (sweet potato and spinach) Vitamin C (Berries, Tomatoes and peppers) and Zinc (Meat, Shellfish, dairy and bread).

Hydration –

Lentil/Cheese Veggie Burgers

Drinking an adequate amount of fluid is essential in order for you to feel, and function at your best. Water, squash, tea, coffee and milk count towards our fluid needs.

Sleep –

Now is the time to prioritise it, as you can’t go out! Aim for 8 hours per night.

Snacks –

Think protein and produce when it comes to snacks, e.g – cheese and apple. Yoghurt and berries, hummus and carrots.

Freeze food –

Reduce food waste by freezing leftovers.

Structure –

Try to structure your day. Have set times for meals, snacks exercise (try my seated exercises from last week click here) calls to family and friends.

Arm Circles

Plan –

When trying to eat healthily, it’s good to plan ahead, Try planning out a few meals so you know what you need and don’t have to face the ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemma every night. Planning meals in advance could also ensure you use up all of the ingredients you have before buying more, thus preventing waste, and unnecessary trips to the supermarket.

Sitting outside –

Sitting outside, being in the fresh air, does wonders for our mental health and also helps with our vitamin D levels.

By eating well, enjoying some tasty treats, and exercising once a day, you’re implementing behaviours which are vital for your psychological and physical well-being … it’s important to be kind to ourselves right now.”

One new recipe I tried during my week 3 in lockdown is cooking with green Lentils.

A big bag of lentils costs 18TL, and it makes a lot of food! Being veggie, I usually buy frozen veggie burgers, or Quorn mince to make chilli. Being on a tight budget now, I thought I would make my own using green lentils. I have to say, I am surprisingly  converted!

Editors note:

Kerry, teaches Fitness and Aqua classes in Girne, and also sings around the local bars and restaurants and you can find her on Facebook at North Cyprus Kerry singing and Fitness.


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