August 15, 2022

Readers mail….
From Kerry Bowler….

Exercise can provide much needed solace in these strange times with the fear of COVID-19 infection and self isolation and lockdowns.

It’s good for your body and your physical health, but perhaps even more importantly, at least in the short term, it’s good for your mind.

With internet access, there are plenty of free Youtube online workouts available, the choice of workouts is huge, from Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, or hit workouts, you can try a different one each day until you find one that suits you. There are plenty of instructors doing live classes via facebook and Zoom, many you have to book a space in advance, so there are no excuses not to turn up!

That is all very well if you are able to exercise, but what if you have health concerns?

Trying anyone of these workouts is not advisable, and could be damaging. So what can you do?

You have all you need at home, a chair!

Here is a selection of exercises you can do sat down in your home ( 20 minutes )

Put on your favourite tunes, or radio,

Start at a seated position, back to the chair.

  • Simple Stretches: Begin by stretching each arm across your chest, one at a time, and holding it there for a few seconds. Take both arms up high in the air, and hold up for a few seconds.
  • Toe Taps:  Stretch your legs out in front of you, with your heels on the ground. Then, alternate pointing and flexing, making sure to tap your toes on the ground at the end of each point. This will help strengthen the muscles in your shin, which are essential for walking and climbing stairs. 10 times.
  • Leg Extensions – Lift your foot off the floor by straightening your knee. Lower your foot back to the floor and repeat the extension with your other leg. 10 times.
  • Arm Circles: Raise your arms straight out to your sides, to form a T shape, Extend arms with palms down, thumbs facing forward, and do 10 forward circles with your arms. Flip your palms up, thumbs facing behind you, and do 10 backward circles with your arms. Repeat twice.
  • Arm Curls – with your palms facing forward, keeping your elbows close to your sides. Bend your arm at the elbows to lift ¾ of the way to your shoulders, without moving your elbows away from your side. Do 10 to 12 repetitions per arm.
  • Tummy Twists: Arms close to your chest, with your elbows bent out, rotate your torso as far left as possible, then back to the middle, and to the right. Only your upper body should be moving. This will engage your upper body strength and core. 10 times.

Repeat all a few times over in the 20 minute slot and finish with the simple stretches.

You can always add weights to the arm exercises, by grabbing a couple of cans of soup or beans from your cupboard and use as weights!

Take that 20 minutes in your day to, close down the alarming news, step away from social media, and try and raise some endorphins.

Editor’s note:

Kerry, teaches Fitness and Aqua classes in Girne, and also sings around the local bars and restaurants and you can find her on Facebook at North Cyprus Kerry singing and Fitness.



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