August 12, 2022

Güngördü said: “Due to the coronavirus epidemic, from the middle of March, public activities ceased and schools were closed and we entered a new period with the decision of the Council of Ministers.   We immediately organised food packages and medicines and similar support for needy people.

The Municipality has struggled with all that has emerged. Of course, in this period, I believe that despite various difficulties our Municipality has tried to do this task in the most humane and balanced way. We are trying to deliver the food packages that we have prepared with the contribution of sensitive business people who have donated for our people.

Telephone numbers have been provided and we have announced these phone numbers on many occasions, but today we are announcing them again because we have received complaints that the Municipality cannot be reached. However, I would like to state that calls are dealt with from 9:30 in the morning until 14:00 in the afternoon. A total of 6 staff members are available to deal with requests by telephone.

From 14:00 onwards, addresses are arranged and classified with the locations of the families.  On the morning of the following day the distribution of food packages starts between 09.30 – 10:00.  This is the way in which our system is operated.

So the hours that our phones are open are the hours given above. Our request to the citizens and our people who need help is to pay attention to these hours. I needed to make a statement to avoid any misunderstanding.

Of course, we still need to stay at home, and I believe that we have not had any major problems in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus right now, but that does not mean that we will not have any problems.  We need to be very careful and strictly follow the precautions. Our citizens who go shopping in grocery stores must also follow the rules. We need a little more time to get through this situation in the healthiest way. There are committees made up of medical experts and we have to follow what they have to say.  I wish you all a healthy day by highlighting the importance of our stay at home rules, while saluting everyone again in the hope of meeting healthier days. Thank you.”

Güngördü stated that they have distributed 5950 food packages in the region so far, and for some families they are about to complete the second round of food distribution.  They know that the phones are very busy from time to time, and there are many victims due to the hotels and universities being closed in the region except for three or four professional groups. He added that the needs of citizens should be met with understanding because of the high demands.

Regarding the demands of food packages, those who have a salary income and those who have not been interrupted by the State or any other institution, have been very sensitive about this.  It is important to ensure that food packages are distributed in a fair way to the families who are in most need of assistance.

Telephone lines are open between 09:30 – 14:00 by calling 0533 871 2929 – 0533 870 2010, for those who want to provide food package assistance and those who want to take advantage of these food packages.

Source (Turkish):  Girne Municipality

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