Taliya Hafiz releases her debut song: “Let Me Spread the Wings”

Already having a vast audience of listeners across the world, including the USA, UK, and Europe, Taliya Hafiz launches her romantic debut song, “Let Me Spread the Wings” on April, 17 on all the international platforms including Spotify, Deezer, iTunes as well as on her YouTube channel.  

Although emerging as a new artist on the TRNC scene, Taliya Hafiz has already performed some of her compositions abroad and whilst studying at Girne American University, TRNC. Beginning her career as a music journalist, she decided to continue her path as a composer, songwriter, and musicologist with an interest in diverse ethnic traditions. She regards the island of Cyprus as her spiritual Motherland and the main source of inspiration behind her compositions. Having already released some solo piano works such as “Tatar Ragtime”, where she blends her original Tatar motifs with early American rhythms, “Steps of Senses”, and “Musical Box”, she felt an urge to share her messages in songs that are to come out after this first single release.

Let Me Spread the Wings” tells a romantic story, in which a wish to embrace the world of dreams is expressed. “The world where there is no place for fears or doubts, but just a freedom of joy and love”. It is in this world where the songwriter strives to find soothing peace, “spreading the wings” above the reality of fears, judgments, and doubts. The author also uses some allusions to the Sufi poetry of Rumi, who once told: “when love’s wings have become strong, there is no need to trouble about a ladder”.  A lyrical storyline is told in a laconic yet emotionally touching way where the message is communicated in a sincere manner. Taliya Hafiz uses solo piano melody to ornament the song’s message showing her love for melodic expression in crystal piano sounds rather than the use of superimposing instruments in the texture of her score. “Let Me Spread the Wings” comes out with an exclusive cover art by Mira Lumos (Almira Khafizova) where the poetic message is reflected in beautiful tints and images.  

The magical realm of music for Taliya Hafiz is a true embodiment of art in its purest form, as permeated by the divine, mysterious and spontaneous spirit. It is always a dialogue and a spiritual practice, an endless journey of discoveries through reconnection and creation. In her compositions, Taliya Hafiz invites you to experience that journey and explore the world coming from within and beyond the soul.

Stream music by Taliya Hafiz on Spotify click here and Youtube click here where the debut song “Let Me Spread the Wings” is also to come out on 17th April.