This weeks Sporting Quiz and Stinker Question at 14th April

By Richard Beale….

This week’s SPORTING QUIZ plus the STINKER QUESTION and the answers will appear in the CyprusScene Enewspaper, and the answer to the “Stinker ” question will appear in next’s week edition.  

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This week’s Sports Quiz

Q 1: Who was the last Premier League Manager to be fired from his job? Q 8: Which former British Prime Minister wrote a book titled ” More than a game: The story of Cricket’s early years”?
Q 2: The Wisden Almanack has been published annually since 1938, representing which sport? Q 9: Who used a 6 iron to hit 2 golf balls on the Moon? Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong or Alan Shepherd? 
Q 3: The 2010 film “Invictus” revolves around which sport? Q10: What was USA Athlete Florence Griffith Joyner’s nickname?
Q 4: Since 1994 Williams F1 racing cars carry a logo of which racing legend? Stirling Moss, Aryton Senna or James Hunt. Q11: In 1978 World Cup Football Finals who became the first African team to win a match? Ghana, Cameroon or Tunisia.
Q 5: Who was the last player to score a goal in the Premier League? Q12 : Which team did Michael Schumacher begin his F1 career with in 1991? Jordan, Benetton or Ferrari.
Q 6: Which of the four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments is the only one played on grass? Q13: A “Doostra” is associated with which sport?
Q 7: In 1976 who was the first member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympics? Q14: Which World Heavyweight Boxing Champion attended the 1966 World Cup Final between England and W.Germany but left at Half Time?





And it’s a very Stinky one!

Who was the first Englishmen to touch the ball in the 1966 World Cup Final between England and West Germany?. You will be surprised at the answer!

(answer in next week’s enewspaper)