August 14, 2022

In response to the article we published with entertainer Andy Reay click here on the subject of what do you do during Self Isolation, we have started to receive messages from many happy people as you will see.

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing good news.


Readers Mail…
Chris Harriman

Hi, I am Chris Harriman.

We have lived in Catalkoy in an Australian Build house since 2004 when we retired. In 2006 we built in underneath our house on stilts, and since then we spend summer upstairs and winter downstairs, which has central heating, a smaller kitchen, a large bedroom which could accommodate walking frames or wheelchairs if necessary as we get older.

So in summer I deep clean downstairs and in winter I deep clean upstairs! We usually go upstairs in early May and come back downstairs in October. I walk two rescue dogs on the mountain and never see a soul at 6.30 am taking pictures for Frozen Cypriots Facebook page which I post daily click here, our original two rescue dogs are buried in the garden and lived to well over fourteen.

My husband David has COPD so we are especially vigilant these days, he cannot walk far because of his breathlessness but has in the past. When well enough he likes nothing better than to work in his workshop, in the past he has done Cypriot Woodcarving and we have chests, tables and beds to show how well he learnt the craft. These days he turns any old wood into wine racks and has in the past made us garden furniture, but at nearly 81 is definitely slowing down.

I spend my time utilizing all the garden produce, making Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, and Pomegranate squash. Soon the Mulberries will be ripe too and they will need using, so who has time on their hands?


Chris Harriman

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