December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

I had a Facebook message from Andy Reay asking for some information and as we chatted I asked him what he intended doing whilst we were all being asked to stay at home during the Coronavirus situation.

In our conversation, I said that Margaret and I spend a lot of time at home with our publishing work and go out occasionally for shopping and social gatherings but now being asked to stay at home has a profound mental effect on us as well as the concern of catching the virus.

I asked if Andy would like to write something about how he will be coping and he said :

Andy Reay – Entertainer

“I think it may be very helpful for people to come together and share experience and ideas, just getting the ball rolling really, some may benefit who are isolated and struggling for inspiration.

Like I said, there is a lot of focus on physical illness right now but our mental health and wellbeing is very important too and needs supporting and along those lines I have invited people on a health and wellbeing page and my page to click here to all talk about our experiences and maybe share new ideas, hobbies, coping strategies “

So in sharing this conversation I had with Andy Reay we invite other readers wherever they may be, to email us at and tell us how they are coping with isolation and how they are entertaining themselves and we will try to publish readers’ mail on our website and weekly online e-newspaper

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