The Cyprus Rock Story.  A tribute to those who lost their lives


By Margaret Sheard …

Some years ago I became aware of a project being undertaken by David Littlemore for a memorial in the UK to those who had lost their lives in Cyprus during the Emergency in the period 1955 -1959.

David Littlemore

David was horrified to discover that there was no memorial to these personnel in the UK and the result was the sourcing of a piece of rock in Cyprus to be transported back to the UK for preparation of a memorial which was to be placed in the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire, with a capsule inside it with a list of those who lost their lives.  The regimental badges are etched on the plinth which supports the memorial Rock.

Having written many articles in conjunction with British ex-servicemen who served in Cyprus in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s, sharing their memories of their time in Cyprus as young men, I was very interested in David’s project and so published a series of promotional articles on our website, CyprusScene.com, following the progress and the eventual unveiling of this wonderful memorial on 21st August 2016.

It was very fortunate that we were in the UK at the time of the unveiling of the Cyprus Rock and we visited the Arboretum a couple of days before the unveiling where we met the stonemason, Keith Rackham  who was making the finishing touches to the memorial rock, and again visited the Arboretum for the unveiling ceremony which was a very emotional experience.

As most of the Cyprus ex-servicemen are now in their 70s/80s, it is possible some are not familiar with using a computer etc. and so David has prepared a story about some of his time in Cyprus and the story of how the Cyprus Rock became a reality, which can be viewed page by page below and it can also be download and printed and shared to ensure this memory of those that served and did not return, is remembered.

It is a very well written story and a very fitting tribute to those who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency 1955-59, which David Littlemore wishes to be shared here.







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  1. I was so impressed to read the story of the Cyprus Rock. I was a schoolboy in Famagusta and Dhekelia from 1957 to 1960 and was witness to the dedication of the British forces and police serving in Cyprus at that time, including my Father. I also remember the loss of British non-serving civilians including the wife of a serving soldier and a fellow schoolboy both murdered by EOKA terrorists. I recall the support of the Turkish Cypriots and the sanctuary of the Old City in Famagusta. Thank you for this late but highly deserved tribute.

    • My father worked in Cyprus for HMG communications and I went to school in Larnaca during his 2nd posting. We lived in Famagusta during the 3rd posting. I remember my parents being upset when I hitchhiked to Dhekalia and back one day albeit in the period 67-68 as a boarding school boy on holiday from uk.