April 1, 2023


By Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) …

It is always nice to know that KAR are doing something right and one family has been delighted with our Pet Travel service over the last 14 months.

Back in September 2017 we helped Carol and Neil import their 15 year old cat Sweep. Sweep came in with Turkish Airlines from the UK into Ercan (as an accompanied pet). It was not long after her clearance had been completed, at Ercan, before Sweep and Carol were on their way home to Lapta. Neil and Carol were very happy once they were all home ….. Neil reported :

“Many thanks for all your help and encouragement over the last few weeks (is that all – don`t I mean months?) – I think your help has been ‘above and beyond’. Carol and cat arrived and Sweep is now asleep in his usual position – on Carol’s head. The whole thing seems to have gone very smoothly, ending with you sorting it all out at this end. So thanks very much indeed for all your help and patience with my questions.”

Then we were asked to help Alex (their daughter) with the export of Lexie (her dog) to the UK in September 2018. Lexie went to the UK –  again with Turkish Airlines – as a cargo booking (the only option for pets flying into UK) and everything went smoothly. The only fly in the ointment was that Lexie’s travel box was too large to fit into Alex’s car when she collected Lexie so it had to be left at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre – but Alex wasn’t too bothered as Lexie wouldn’t need it again.  Or would she?

“Just to let you know Lexie is now at her new home. She was so happy to see me but a bit stressed at everything. Will take her walkies tomorrow and hopefully she will get used to everything. Thanks so much for all your help”

Alex and Lexie could not settle in the UK – their hearts (and close family) were back in the TRNC and that is where Alex and Lexie wanted to be. So we began, with colleagues in South Cyprus, to organize Lexie’s return trip. Her TRNC vet paperwork and UK entry paperwork were all transferred into a UK Pet Passport, a new box was made and plans were all in place for Lexie to come back (via Larnaca). She arrived on November 6th and throughout her journey to the TRNC we kept in touch with Alex (who wasn’t travelling for a couple of days) and Neil so that he knew of her final Lapta arrival time. It was a real pleasure to see her happiness at meeting up again with Neil, Carol and their 2 other dogs at home in Lapta.

Neil and Carol were happy – Lexie was happy and Alex was happy …..

KAR Pet Travel text to Alex in the UK “Lexie is safely delivered home and very happy she is too”   Alex to Pet Travel  “Fab. Thank you so much for everything”

Welcome home Lexie – no more jet setting for you for a while – we hope!

3 thoughts on “KAR Pet Travel –  A family reunion in Lapta.

  1. Very pleased to hear about the kind efforts being made to assist pets and their owners.
    We exported six dogs from TRNC while we lived in Lapta finding good home for all to include our now 14 year old dog who we rescued as a puppy on horseshoe bay. Champ has been a wonderful companion since day one. Every family should have the joy having a dog in their home brings.

    1. Hello Edward,

      Thank you for sharing with us the news of your dogs which many people will appreciate when reading

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