TRNC News 19th November 2018


  1. Greek Cypriots create tension in the Buffer Zone …
  2. Aksoy:  “We will explore on the Continental Shelf of the TRNC” …

Greek Cypriots create tension in the Buffer Zone

A group of Greek Cypriots accompanied by some press members tried to create tension in the Denya Village area of the Buffer Zone.

The attempt has been confirmed by the United Nations Peace Forces and it was noted that the Greek Cypriot group, in which Religious Leaders and press members were involved, violated the buffer zone by driving their vehicles close to the TRNC border and shouting slogans.

The group was removed by patrol vehicles belonging to the UN Peace Forces and this attempt and response in the buffer zone was confirmed by the UN Spokesperson with a statement.

Aksoy:  “We will explore on the Continental Shelf of the TRNC”

Spokesperson of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hami Aksoy made evaluations regarding Exxon Mobile Company’s offshore exploration activities around the island of Cyprus.

Aksoy stated that the Exxon Mobile Company starting hydrocarbon exploration activities on the so-called parcel ‘10’ of the Greek Cypriot Administration, offshore of the island of Cyprus will not contribute to the stability of the region and also will change some delicate balances in terms of a solution of the Cyprus problem.

Aksoy stressed that they had previously issued a legal warning to the Greek Cypriot side to stop the unilateral hydrocarbon activities due to the fact that all of the natural resources around the island of Cyprus  belong to both sides in Cyprus not only to the Greek Cypriot side.

“We would like to remind that sharing of the natural resources of the island of Cyprus is an issue regarding the core of the Cyprus problem” Aksoy added.

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