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Girne entertainment – events update


We have received information from Laurence Floyd regarding some entertainment events he has arranged in the Girne area and this is shown below.

By Laurence Floyd …

What a night last Thursday for those of you who attended the Totally Tina show…Justine was superb, and ably supported by her lighting engineer partner, so together they delivered a visual spectacular…we could have sold another 100 plus tickets, so that is something to consider for the future.

I should add that the main course served on the evening was disappointing, and lacked flavour, so rest assured this issue will be taken up with the F&B management

All is proceeding well with the Bee Gees event scheduled for Wednesday June 20th at the Colony Garden … this event is of course a 3 course set meal with all drinks including imported spirits such as Bacardi and Bombay Gin, plus French Brandy, Coffee etc

Sadly however, regarding the Elvis World Tour event scheduled for the Amphitheatre on September 15th, we have lost this show due to Girne Belediye refusing to confirm my booking of the Amphitheatre due to the local elections in July … Of course no one with a logical brain can work out why politics should affect the booking of the TRNC’s principle entertainment venue!

So on a positive note, we have booked the Colony Garden for Wednesday September  19th, and Delia is doing her best to find a suitable act who is available to entertain us … the New Jersey Nights show is a distinct possibility … more details to follow soon.