Journey into Cyprus East to West : Days 13-15


By Margaret Sheard …

Following on with the Journey into Cyprus – East to West walk, we noticed a comment by Yalçın that Day 12 from Plantania to Flasou was very hard as it was virtually all uphill, but there was beautiful scenery, with waterfalls and lovely villages with gurgling streams running through them.

Day 13 Platanis to Platres/Trodos – 26.6km – 7 hours 46 minutes.  Joined by Heather, Matt and Amanda for this stage of the walk.

Day 14 Pano Platres to Salamiou – 34.9km – 10 hours 53 minutes.  This walk took them through Agios Ioannis.  They were joined by Konstantino and Amanda for this stage of the journey which was very scenic and full of history.

Day 15 Salamiou to Aphrodite’s Rock – 38.4km – 10 hours 39 minutes.  The walk took them through Kouklia and to the end of their journey at Aphrodite’s Rock where family and friends were awaiting their arrival.  It must have been a very emotional time for Yalçın and Stavros to have finally completed in excess of 400km on their Journey into Cyprus, East to West.  Well done to you both in fulfilling your vision and dream with wonderful memories to take back with you to Australia.

We met Aydanur Sabri at Bellapais when we greeted Yalçın and Stavros on Day 8 of their journey.  Ayda has also contributed some information about the journey which is shown below.

By Ayda Sabri …

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My husband, Arthur Kipouridis, and Jayapaul Anand from Bangalore, India, are the photographers and have followed Yalçın and Stavros on their journey, east to west.

“Journey into Cyprus East to West” is about 2 friends Stavros (Greek Cypriot) and Yalcin (Turkish Cypriot) both born in Cyprus and now living in Australia who have embarked on a 15-day walk together across Cyprus from Apostolos Andreas to Aphrodite’s Rock.

The walk is also being filmed for the documentary “Journey into Cyprus East to West”.  The documentary is a “Gift a Dream Foundation” project which is an Australian NGO/charity.  The documentary is directed by Jayapaul Anand who has travelled from India to film and direct.  Arthur Kipouridis is the Assistant Cinematographer, and I am the Executive Producer.

I am the Founder and Director. I am Turkish Cypriot and was born in Cyprus.  I also live in Australia with my husband Arthur Kipouridis, a co-director of “Gift a Dream Foundation”.

Yalcin and Stavros talk with a man at a traditional Kafve, who is sharing stories of Cyprus

Stavros and Yalçın met Cypriot people along their walk, they had Cypriot coffee with the locals at the Kahve, Kafenion along their walk, they experienced the beauty, the landscape of Cyprus and endured the 15 days of very long walks with the commitment to finish as 2 Cypriot friends walking together across Cyprus looking for the 101st window.  Throughout the journey Stavros and Yalçın explored the legend of the 101st Window of the Queen (Regina) of Cyprus.  The legend says if you find this window and look through it, you will see paradise. You can then call out to paradise and ask for whatever your heart desires.

Stavros and Yalcin at one of the windows at Buffavento castle wondering if this could be the 101st window.

Stavros and Yalcin walked through the Troodos mountains.  They discovered Caledonia waterfalls which is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus and is surrounded by forest in a very beautiful area with breathtaking views.  It is located in Platres village in Troodos.

High up in the Troodos Mountains

Stavros and Yalçın walked their last day on the 5th April.  They finished their walk at Aphrodite’s Rock and were greeted by family and friends.   Stavros and Yalçın walked 400km in total from East of Cyprus to the West of Cyprus.

Photos courtesy of Aydanur Sabri.