Fugen Erkoru – Ceramic Art Exhibition


Review by Heidi Trautmann …

Fugen Erkoru – Ceramic Art Exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre

Fugen Erkoru and her husband came back to Cyprus some years ago from Australia; it must have been a hard decision to make in the midst of life leaving behind a fulfilled life and find a new start here.

Fugen joined the Ceramicists Association which has its studio at the Atatürk Meslek Lycee in Nicosia, a studio established by Semral Öztan, supported by one of the first professional organisations to promote ceramic art in the northern part of the island; many ceramic artists have done their first steps in this educational studio.

Fugen Erkoru became entirely dedicated to this art form and started to develop her own style.

With great fascination she took part in the Vounous Terracotta Symposium in Catalköy in September 2017  (see my website under Cyprus art news No. 931 and more) where they used clay collected from the mountains and river beds, a very fine clay, she learned how to work and prepare it.

This year Fugen Erkoru ventured to do her first exhibition and it was a great success; many artists and ceramists came to celebrate with her. Also HE Mustafa Akinci and Meral his wife who came for the opening, were much taken with the exhibits. Her sculptures, face masks and especially her busts are of exquisite quality, in her very special style, lately using Cypriot clay, and oxide washes.

The exhibition closed on 7th April but you can see some of the exhibits in my photographs.