December 8, 2023

By Richard Beale……

On 20th January 3 puppies were dumped by some heartless so and so at Esentepe Football Stadium.

Alone and without anyone to care for them!

There was a match at the Stadium that day, and yes the puppies got some attention mostly from children who fed them with a mixture of crisps, biscuits and chocolate. But when the match was over and the sun went down these defenceless poor creatures were left on their own to face a cold night.

A local Policeman said he would ask his wife and probably take one of the puppies. She apparently said yes so thankfully there are only 2 puppies left (both black). I think they are maybe 8 weeks old.

I went up to the Stadium on 21st January and fed them, of course they were starving demanding not only food, but love and attention.

What can we do?, we cannot phone the RSPCA, KAR is filled to the brim with unwanted dogs and most Expats are “dogged up”.

All I can ask has somebody a home for these puppies or, if not, if you are in the Esentepe area can you go up and at least feed and water them.

These puppies did not ask for this, we may not be able to give them a home, love and attention but by at least feeding and watering them we can prolong the life that they have.

Please Share This Post – You Never Know Somebody Could Be Out There To Help!

Stadium Puppies Update 22nd January.

Just heard the best possible news, an Esentepe expat couple have taken in both puppies. I know who the couple are and the puppies will have a great life.

Thank you once again for all of those people who were trying to help these poor animals.

Best wishes,


3 thoughts on “Another Sad Animal story and Plea For Help.

  1. As sad, two adorable puppies(bitch and dog) were dumped at the Spice Gardens Restaurant, Glass View Bay, Bahceli last week. The Staff are giving them bones and left overs, but the owner returns soon and will not want them there together with the 25+ cats he has inherited. Attempts are being made to re-home the dogs. Can you help?

    1. Thank you RASteel for your comment which we have passed on to those who maybe able to help.

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