December 4, 2023

Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard are sad to announce that they are no longer sharing news and reviews with a local English language newspaper.

This decision has been taken with deep regret after the failure of communications and organisational issues not being resolved.

They would like to express their deep appreciation to all of those newspaper readers who hailed the recent launch of the newspaper inspired by them as fresh and highly imaginative and informative.

This sad experiment has given Chris and Margaret fresh incentives to move the online forward with even more features that had been trialled in the newspaper.

For the future they remain committed to their readers and contributors and will continue to keep the high standards of journalism and unique content expected from them with even more projects in the future..

8 thoughts on “ ceases sharing news and reviews with a local newspaper

  1. Sorry to hear about this but you are doing a great service for me with your Cyprusscene and I am sure for many others. I wish you all the best for the future.

    1. Thanks Brian, I have published my book review today on and will send the link by email.

  2. Not really impressed with this new publication.
    In my opinion it is being published by amateurs.
    Will not be buying it again.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Although we were pleased with the first issue we appreciated that the newspaper needed some fine tuning, but sadly as we are no longer involved, we are not in a position to influence any changes and improvements.

  3. Interestingly over the years you people have succeeded in making your mark in the TRNC.

    There are people who follow your writings. So for them the name of the newspaper is not important. They will follow your writings, wherever you write.

    That I think a big achievement. I congratulate you both for this and hope all best luck.

    1. Thank you Ahmet bey for those kind words.

      We have been publishing news and reviews for just over 5 years from Northern Cyprus and at times we wonder is anybody is taking any notice.

      Then real people like you come along and say thank you and give their appreciation and for that we salute you all.

      C’est la vie….Onward and Upward

  4. Chris and Margaret. Hi from deepest Lincolnshire!!! How are you both? All ok here and really nice to see your photo once more. Whatever the problems you have encountered, it is good to know you are pressing on. We wish you both the very best with Cyprus Scene as well as a very Happy Christmas. Gloria and Roy xxx

    1. Hello Gloria

      Its nice to hear from you both and its as cold here today as it would be on those Lincolnshire marshes.

      Nothing holds us back as you can see in our Enewspaper

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