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Test your knowledge with these trivia questions

US Presidents

Who was the president at the time of the 1929 stock market crash?

Which future president drafted the Declaration of Independence?


Of which country was Edith Cresson Prime Minister?

Which countries were involved in the 1993 Downing Street Declaration?


What was the name of Quint’s boat in the film “Jaws”?

Which 1966 film starred Gregory Peck as a captain obsessed by a great white whale?

Film Songs

Who wrote the music for the film “Shaft”?

Which film featured the Celine Dion hit “Because you Loved Me”?

The Human Body

Which hormone regulates blood sugar levels?

Where would you find carpal bones and tarsal bones respectively?


Which European capital city does the River Tagus flow?

In which city does the Blue Nile meet the White Nile?

The Beatles

What is the significance of the date 6th July 1957?

What was the first single released by The Beatles on the Apple label?

World War II

Who was voted out of power in July 1943 following the invasion of Sicily?

In which year was the Women’s Land Army formed?


Which test batsman scored the most runs in the 1990s with a total of 6,407?

In which season did Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe first meet in test cricket?

Monty Python

What type of dead parrot did John Cleese take back to the pet shop?

Terry Jones played a man who claimed to have three what?


What is the name of Phoebe’s identical twin sister?

Which of the characters had a relationship with Dr Richard Burke (played by Tom Selleck)?


Who was the dessert ‘Pavlova’ named after?

In ‘Angels and Devils on Horseback’, what are the ‘angels’ and ‘devils’ made of?

You will be able to check the answers next Friday and also test your knowledge with another trivia quiz.

Look out for another new puzzle – SUDOKU – which will now also be published every  week

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