The Enewspaper has arrived

By Chris Elliott……..

They say you cannot keep a good man down and the same goes for a woman and that is Margaret Sheard who works so hard to make successful and always has time to help people.

Chris and Margaret

Sadly our recent experiment of contributing to a newspaper ended after just a few weeks as we were not happy with the difficulties created through poor communication and organisation.

Having had previous experience of contributing and having close contacts with other local newspapers, we had learned a great deal and gave ideas and advice to help the flow of natural development.

One of the fascinating parts of creating a newspaper is page-making and in a mixed language community a lot of care and time is required if good proof reading levels are to be achieved.

With over five years experience of publishing on the internet Margaret and I decided to take a close look at the art of page-making and found we could adapt our own skills to this discipline which, although creating more work, placed us in a position of fast tracking, proof reading and editing.

Publishing a newspaper requires financial backing and when the newspaper is launched its recognition in the marketplace requires ongoing merchandising and promotion to enable its popularity to grow.

We looked at other alternatives for sharing our community news and reviews and realised that if we used our new-found skills with page-making in processing  we could reach out with a free Enewspaper to an even larger readership.

Cyprusscene has a regular daily reading in excess of 1,600 visitors and, if we add to this the number of subscribers to cyprusscene postings plus the large membership of the internal North Cyprus Forum, then we have a very big outreach to readers both locally and around the world.

We are therefore delighted to announce that this weekend we have launched an Enewspaper which will be developed further in the coming weeks and, without doubt, it will have a high level of readings and will not have to rely on financial backing and advertising to make it successful. We also are thankful that we have full control of distribution which does not require the expensive distribution costs just to get it onto the supermarket shelves.

The other fact that is important is that many people read our news and reviews which are published daily and shared across social media and now they will have an Enewspaper which will summarise the bulk of the weekly postings plus more so that saves them the task of searching for our past weekly activity, news and reviews.

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  1. Congratulations Chris and Margaret on publishing the first enews paper. We hope and expect it will be very successful. This is the way of the Future! Well Done, Good Luck.