December 10, 2022

By Kim Betts…….

Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

Back in May 2016 German tourists, Kyle and Sarah, were very upset at finding 3, obviously abandoned, pups in a very bad state. They were very thin and were covered in ticks and fleas and were obviously very unwell. They brought them to the KAR office and the pups were then transferred to the KAR Rescue Centre for urgent care and treatment.

Kyle and Sarah had not realized the amount of work that KAR does to help the animals of Northern Cyprus – the numbers of animals in KARs care, the type of cases that are regularly dealt with, and the problems that are faced was way beyond anything that they had seen before. They promised to help, once back in Germany, in any way that they could.

All too often, sadly, KAR staff and volunteers have heard such promises that have amounted to nothing. Holiday makers go home and then it is often a case of “out of sight out of mind!”

However Kyle and Sarah were true to their word. They kept in touch with the KAR office and looked at ways to raise funds and awareness about KAR.

They had started to collect items for KAR with the intention of sending them to TRNC. They realised however that this would not be an easy task!!! Nor would such a delivery be cheap!

But they persevered. In early October they boxed everything and sent the parcel on its way. They even had a tracker number and so it all seemed to be looking good.

However, as many residents of TRNC will know, the postal and parcel services to the TRNC can often defy all international routes and tracking systems from any type of postal service!

Kyle and Sarah were very concerned when the tracking, after some weeks, seemed to stop at Istanbul – they were told it had been delivered – but to whom no one could say! They were told that is en route again – but from where to where no one could say. All of the information on the tracking number was simply met with “Computer says NO “. It was a very worrying time for Kyle and Sarah as it appeared all of their efforts and goodies had simply been sent into a Postal Limbo (a place maybe not too far from the TRNC).

Margaret Ray with the German Goodies

KAR reassured them that at some point the elusive parcel would re emerge but when and from where – nobody could say!

Last week KAR were informed that IT had arrived and was sitting waiting for collection in the Girne Customs office. It only took 3 attempts to retrieve the parcel from there – which is a slight improvement on the last parcel which took 5 plus a visit to Lefkosa!! – and FINALLY the German Goodies could be unpacked in the KAR Office.

KAR would like to thank Kyle and Sarah for their persistence and also for their kindness in caring about KAR and its many animals. Please if anyone has any items that they want to donate to KAR – contact us to see if we can help with alternative ways of ensuring that parcels do arrive here in a relatively short period of time. It can be done – we just need to ensure that they take the route that by passes Postal Limbo!

Contact KAR 00 90 533 869 4098


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