North Cyprus at the World Travel Show, London

By Chris Elliott……..

Facebook is a wonderful media for maintaining contact with friends and family but also it is a window of the world and in this review I am looking at the recent World Travel Show, which was held in London between the 7th and 9th November, and North Cyprus.

Whilst I did not attend, I was fascinated to see some photos placed on Facebook by a friend, Mustafa Köprülü who was a representative of the TRNC on the North Cyprus exhibition stand at this year’s World Travel Show.


As you will see from the pictures shown the stand was very impressive and was designed to reflect the beauty and culture to be found in North Cyprus. In looking at the photos I was also delighted to see a picture of Hasan Eminağa of Dizayn 74 Pottery who is a master of his craft and is seen at many cultural events in North Cyprus demonstrating his skills as well as at his business in Karaoĝlanoğlu near Girne..

From the pictures shown it was an excellent promotional event for North Cyprus and I would like to thank Mustafa Köprülü for sharing them with our readers.


Having lived in Northern Cyprus for a number of years now, I can say hand on heart that it is really a wonderful place to visit or live and that pace of life is far more relaxed than would be experienced in most European countries but despite all of this, the country has developed dramatically with many fine businesses and shopping areas being built where most brand named products are to be found.

Whilst this is a Muslim country,  it has a very cosmopolitan population with many expats living here plus many students from abroad coming here for their education at the increasing numbers of universities  and colleges.

North Cyprus has many hotels and guest houses to cater for the tourists that come here and for those that love adventure there are many fascinating places to visit and through the year there are many local events being held to bring the communities together

For those would be visitors to North Cyprus, do please click here for more information.