TRNC News 14.11.2016 : 33rd Anniversary of establishment of TRNC

33rd Anniversary of the Establishment of the TRNC to be celebrated with ceremonies

The 33rd Anniversary of the Establishment of the TRNC will be celebrated across the island, starting with a speech by President Mustafa Akıncı on Bayrak Radio and Television (BRT).


A commemoration will be held at the mausoleum of Dr. Fazıl Küçük today.

A ceremony for the mausoleum of the Founding President Rauf Raif Denktaş will be held on 15 November, Tuesday.

A ceremony will also be held at Dr. Fazıl Boulvard on the morning of the 15 November, and festivities will be organized in Lefkoşa in the evening.

President Akıncı: “It is pessimistic to say that the Summit in Mont Pelerin had no conclusion”

President Mustafa Akıncı stressed that it is overly pessimistic to describe the Summit in Mont Pelerin as having no conclusion. The President said that after a week’s break at the request of the Greek Cypriot leader, the process will continue in Switzerland. However he said it should not be a long process and that the aim of the Turkish Cypriot side was to reach a solution until the end of 2016.


After the Cyprus Summit in Switzerland, President Akıncı returned to the TRNC on Saturday night and made a press statement at Ercan Airport. Akıncı said that they carried out works related to four Chapters during the first two days of the Summit, and after they worked on certain criteria on the Territory issue. The President also noted that they had started initial discussions on the issues of Security and Guaranties. President Akıncı concluded by saying: “As we stated before we went, all issues were on the table and they were addressed alternately.”

Müftüoğlu: “Our expectation is that all parties will continue the negotiations with a result-oriented and a constructive approach”


Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Ambassador Hüseyin Müftüoğlu evaluated the Cyprus negotiations and said: “Our expectation at this stage is that the two sides continue the negotiations with a result-oriented and constructive approach, set a date for the five-party conference which is the final phase of the process, and that a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue is reached before the end of 2016. We will continue to resolutely support the current intensive phase of the negotiations.”

‘Bird Airlines’ to fly to North Cyprus

Minister of Communication and Public Works Kemal Dürüst stated that as a result of the intensive works and consultations at the Ministry, a decision was taken to give the necessary permit for ‘Bird Airlines’ to fly to North Cyprus.


Dürüst noted that the Government received offers from numerous airline companies, and decided upon consideration to award the  permit to ‘Bird Airlines’ to fly to the TRNC.

Obama: “Solution to the Cyprus problem increases energy security in the region”

The Greek Cypriot daily Kathimerini newspaper reported that ahead of his visit to Greece the US President Barack Obama made a special statement touching upon the solution to the Cyprus problem.


According to the reports, Obama said: “I applaud the effort that the Cypriot leaders have put into the negotiations so far, and I hope they can soon arrive at a durable solution that will benefit all Cypriots. Today, the prospects for a lasting settlement on Cyprus are the best we’ve seen in many years.”

He added that a just and comprehensive solution for Cyprus would have historic and far-reaching impact. It would improve economic opportunities for all the people of Cyprus and enhance energy security in the Mediterranean region and beyond. The US president emphasized that it would create opportunities for US and European businesses – an alignment of interests that could be an engine for economic growth in the region.

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