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Message from Hope 4 Pets to North Cyprus

Message from Hope 4 Pets……..

Cyprusscene had the pleasure to have been involved with, and supporting and helping those folk who started to form an action group “Hope 4 Pets” and we have received and would like to share the following news from them with our readers.


Here is a brief update of our October achievements for our members to see. We have helped to spay and neuter 21 Cats and Dogs. We have supported other organisations with veterinary care and disease prevention to a value of over 1400TL

We have supported animals in the community with food and many veterinary bills saving many lives. We have supported people in the community supporting animals. We have supported travel preparation for many dogs and maintained countless dogs in kennels waiting to travel and some still needing homes with all veterinary care and socialisation needs fulfilled.

Through our Facebook  group click here many animals have found loving homes and many lost have been re united with their owners. Last but not least in the month of October 2016 we achieved Charity Status in England and Wales. For more information do also visit our website click here.

Thank you to each and every one of our members who have supported in any way they could making all the above possible. We could not do what we do without you all 😘

Stephanie Harrison Croft
Hope 4 Pets

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