Animal care

KAR helps 2 of the dogs from Girne Beledeyesi Compound

By Kim Betts…….
Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

Following the continuing working relationship between Girne Beledeyesi and KAR a problem with 2 of the dogs at the Girne Beledeyesi compound was identified. The 2 dogs have been tested positive for Ehrlichia (a disease transmitted by ticks) and will need twice daily treatment for 1 month.

The Girne workers recognised that they could not physically give the treatment twice a day and asked KAR for their help. It has been agreed that the 2 dogs would be taken to the KAR Rescue Centre for 1 month so that KAR staff could give them the treatment that they need. Once the treatment has been completed they will be returned to the care of Girne Beldeyesi.


Pictures  left to right – On the way to KAR/ New home for a month/ Go on- give us a kiss!

KAR are pleased that they can help these 2 dogs and are also pleased that because of their ongoing consultations and working relationship with Girne Beledeyesi that the problem with the dogs was identified and the Beledeyesi workers felt able to ask for KARs help at an early stage.

Such actions can only help to improve the lives for the existing and future stray dogs of Girne.