December 6, 2022

By Engin Dervişağa…….

I am delighted together with my colleague Qossay Eleyan to bring you an interesting report on “Discovering North Cyprus” about the British Law Courts in Lefkosa.

The site of the building was historically occupied by the Lusignan Palace, the former residence of the Frankish kings of Cyprus in the Middle Ages and many years later the British colonial administration considered this building too weak and dilapidated and decided to demolish it.

The construction of a new building began on 14 June 1900 and was completed in 1904, when the law courts, postal service, land registry office and police moved in. By the 1920s however,  the building was too small for the needs of the administration and new blocks were added to the east and west of the central building.


This is such an interesting area of Lefkosa and nearby is the Sarayönü or Atatürk Square where we looked at many local features including the  The Venetian Column, which was transported from the ruins of Salamis.

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3 thoughts on “Discovering North Cyprus 7/11/2016, British Law Courts, Lefkosa

  1. “O” I remember it well when it was the Divisional Police HQ back in the late 1950s. connected to the Law Courts were tunnels from the cells, I was in and out of that building for nearly a year and enjoying a class of Turkish coffee with My old friend Ahmet Rasim, well known figure of that time, always sent a waiter after me from the doorway of the Coffee House, those were the days of troubles but best of all friendships. Bob Scott. UK.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bob, this has been passed on to Engin Dervisaga, the programme producer. It seems Sermen and Eren Erdogan are once more on the trail of Ahmet Rasim as they discovered some more information while they were here in Cyprus and we hope it may lead to finding out more about this elusive character who you met in the 1950’s

  2. Kyeniacatkin’s comment re – The Law Courts! Perhaps you would like to point Engin Dervisaga in the direction written by me, with a great deal of help from Chris Elliot for finding and taking the wonderful photos of the demise of the old Divisional Police H.Q. for whom I will be ever grateful. Chris and Sermen Erdogan help me piece together the story of my friend opposite the police station Ahmet Rasim. Now you Engin have given me more insight to the history of the building, as a history buff I could not be more pleased. so thank you Engin and Margaret for extending my knowledge of the Court House Building. Engin to see my article written.
    May 21st 2015. Memories of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. Sermen I hope you are doing a good job for me about our old friend Ahmet ! I am expecting a full report on your return to Melbourne and an update on your Fathers medals if you have it. Cheers all for now Bob.

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